Theresa May’s excruciating performance on LBC showed exactly why she’s petrified of debating real people : Evolve Politics

Theresa May LBC Interview 11th May 2017

With an admittedly-jaundiced attitude to the mainstream media, I tuned in to hear LBC’s Nick Ferrari grill Prime Minister Theresa May. I was hoping for Ferrari to probe her firmly, asking tough questions while demanding honest, direct, specific answers. ‘Hoping’ being very much the operative word, as I was expecting nothing of the kind.

I needn’t have bothered.

There was no grilling. Not so much as a little light frying. If May had been a steak ordered rare, she’d still have been returned to the kitchen to be cooked properly. Seldom has a sitting Prime Minister been given so easy a time yet still managed to come off so badly.

May was, as usual, woolly, evasive and stumbling. She evaded almost every direct question, trying to gloss over her near-total lack of specific answers even when faced with straightforward questions. About the only thing I expected and didn’t get was endless variations on her pet theme of ‘strong and stable.’

There was also a great deal of irrelevant guff about her personal life, seemingly almost purpose-built to limit the time spent actually talking to callers and answering questions. When confronted with the dreaded ‘real people’ she’s avoided so assiduously for so long, she stuttered, stumbled and seemed almost permanently flustered.

‘Winging it’ is the phrase that comes to mind. On the other hand, if this was yet another heavily-controlled appearance with a couple of slightly challenging callers added for appearance’s sake, ‘bodging it’ would be more appropriate.




  1. She’s very poor at thinking on her feet, unless she has a Lynton Crosby script in front of her, she just stutters and stumbles. Yet the BBC are fawning all over her, making excuses why she won’t go head to head with Corbyn. You can guarantee that the Question Time special that she has agreed to do, will be in front of a carefully selected, Tory supporting audience.


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