Tom Watson: Labour must stop the Tories winning a Thatcher-style landslide : i News

Tom Watson has admitted Labour has a “mountain to climb” if the party wants to avoid a Margaret Thatcher-style Tory landslide. Labour’s deputy leader said candidates had a “very, very difficult” job to turn things around based on current poll numbers, despite the party’s manifesto featuring some “terifically exciting” ideas. Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “If we get to 8 June and [Theresa May] still commands the lead in the polls that she had at the start of the election, she will command a Margaret Thatcher-style majority.” Checks and balances In the 1983 and 1987 general elections, the former Conservative prime minister won resounding majorities of 144 and 102 seats respectively. Prior to calling the snap general election, to be held in four weeks’ time, Theresa May had a working parliamentary majority of only 17.

Mr Watson, defending a majority of nearly 9,400 votes in West Bromwich East, said: “A Conservative government with a 100 majority … It will be very hard for them to be held to account in the House of Commons. It means there won’t be usual checks and balances of democracy … all those things go out the window. “I’ve run a lot of byelections and elections in my time for the Labour Party and I know what it is like. It is going be very, very difficult to turn the poll numbers around, but we are determined to do it.”
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