Nursing home fees reach £1,000 per week on average, report finds : The Telegraph

Average nursing home fees have reached £1,000 a week for self-funders, new figures show.

A report by analyst LaingBuisson found that fees for nursing care had broken the £1,000 barrier and had reached £1,200 in some places.

Weekly fees for self-payers in residential care homes without nursing care have reached £700 on average, compared to £486 for state-funded residents.

The report said: “National average self-pay fees for nursing care across the country are now approaching £1,000 per week, with developers of new-build provision targeting well over £1,000, depending on the specification, location and segment of the market addressed.

“LaingBuisson surveys now indicate that about 10 per cent of existing nursing care capacity is in the £1,200 per week plus bracket.”

Fees for self-funded residents have been increasing rapidly as councils struggle to pay care homes enough to cover their costs.

Earlier this year a report by the Communities and Local Government Committee found that self-payers paid an average of 43 per cent more than state-funded residents for the same room and care.

In most cases older people must pay for their own residential care if they have assets worth more than £23,250.

The LaingBuisson report added that the introduction of the new living wage will put more upward pressure on care home fees. Care homes will have to increase charges by at least 3.9 per cent every year to maintain their profits.



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