Theresa May announces sweeping promises on workers rights : i News

Theresa May has announced a sweeping series of promises on workers’ rights, claiming the plans represent the “greatest expansion” of employee protections in the Conservative party’s history. Under the policies to be outlined in the party’s manifesto – due to be launched this week – Mrs May promised to put “ordinary working families first”. The surprise proposals are widely being viewed as an attempt to secure large sections of the Labour vote, with opposition figures saying the public “can’t trust” the Tories. The Conservatives’ pledges include new legal provisions for workers and a promise that existing rights will be maintained despite the nation’s exit from the European Union – which currently guarantees workers’ rights. Employees will also be granted new rights relating to training, family life and more of a say in the way their companies are run.

‘The choice is clear’ The Promises:
-Protect all worker’s rights currently guaranteed by EU law “as we leave the EU”.
-Increase the National Living Wage in line with media earnings until 2022.
-New protections for workers in the ‘gig economy’.
-Representation for workers on company boards.
-A new statutory right for workers to receive information about key decisions affecting their company.
-A new statutory right to request leave for training purposes.
-A new statutory right to leave to care for a family member.
-New rules to protect workers’ pensions from irresponsible behaviour by company bosses.
-Reforms to the Equalities Act to extend protections from mental health discrimination.
-A statutory right to child bereavement leave.
-The introduction of new returnships for people returning to the labour market after absence.


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