Big crowds love Jezza’s message : Morning Star

MORE than 1,000 people turned out yesterday in Hebden Bridge — population 4,000 — to give Jeremy Corbyn a tumultuous welcome at a Labour election rally.

The party leader travelled to the West Yorkshire town to support Labour candidate Josh Fenton-Glynn, who introduced him as “the next prime minister.”

Hebden Bridge is in the key marginal constituency of Calder Valley, currently held by Tory Craig Whitaker.

The meeting room in the town hall was packed to capacity, as were riverside terraces adjoining the room, and even across the river.

The throng was so big that Mr Corbyn had to speak twice: once to those in the meeting room, and again from a balcony to hundreds outside.

As he started, his speech was drowned out by chants of “Corbyn! Corbyn!”

Mr Corbyn referred to the leaked election manifesto, which he is due to launch officially in Bradford today.

“There are two election campaigns,” he said. “One involves attacks and personal abuse.

“Then there is the other — the enthusiasm from people from all walks of life, because there are people like you who are serious about the kind of society we want to live in.”




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