Brits want services back in their hands : Morning Star

IT SEEMS that Britain’s Leavers and Remainers do agree on one thing: nationalisation — particularly when it comes to their transport, health and education.

Campaign group We Own It revealed yesterday that in a poll 73 per cent of Brexit voters and 77 per cent of Remainers want to see the same or increased levels of public ownership when Britain leaves the EU.

The figures were announced as the group launched its manifesto: “How public ownership can give us real control” ahead of the general election.

The manifesto says that by bringing key sectors back into public ownership and expanding into new areas, the government will save billions of pounds.

Buying back energy distribution networks and the National Grid would save a massive £3.2 billion a year while establishing new regional public water companies would save £1.8bn a year, the group claims.

Nationalising the railways when franchise deals come to an end could save as much as £1.2bn a year, the manifesto said.



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