Jeremy Corbyn pledges to consider more federalised UK : The Guardian

Labour manifesto will promise to investigate ways to reduce dominance of Westminster and look at replacing House of Lords.

Jeremy Corbyn is to promise that a Labour government would investigate reorganising the UK on federal lines as part of changes to reduce Westminster’s dominance, the Guardian can reveal.

In a major shift in the party’s thinking, its general election manifesto will say that a new constitutional convention it is establishing later this year will “consider the option of a more federalised country”.

The official manifesto, due to be published on Tuesday, will also commit Labour to the eventual goal of scrapping the House of Lords and replacing it with an elected senate, after first cutting its size, and to extending the powers of regional and local government across the UK.

The federalism proposal, absent from the draft version of the manifesto leaked last week, follows a swelling of support within Labour for devolving power after successive defeats in Westminster, Scottish and local elections, and the Brexit vote in last year’s EU referendum.

The case for federalism has been pushed hard by Scottish Labour’s leader, Kezia Dugdale, in an effort to weaken support for Scottish independence and to challenge the heavily unionist stance taken by the Conservatives, which has attracted some working class voters in Scotland.



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