Weak and Wobbly Theresa May’s Contradictory and Crap Housing Policy

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The leak last Thursday of the Labour party manifesto, with its promise to nationalise the railways and parts of the energy network, clearly has rattled the Tory party. Mike over at Vox Political remarked that leak was probably intended to discredit these policies, but instead they have proved massively popular.


I’m not surprised. The Tory party, of course, started shrieking that this would drag us all back to the 1970s – actually not a bad thing, as Mike has also pointed out, considering that the gulf between rich and poor was at its lowest during that decade. The Torygraph also went berserk, and plastered all over the front page of its Friday edition a headline claiming that Labour MPs were ‘disowning’ it. I don’t know how true this was. It could be the Blairites trying their best to undermine their own party again, in order to shore up virtuous…

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  1. Labour to legalise Liam Fox hunting confirms Jeremy Corbyn.

    Labour has confirmed a new manifesto pledge today following the announcement by Theresa May to allow a free vote on reversing the 2004 fox hunting ban.

    “If elected we will release Liam Fox on Dartmoor, give him a head start and then hunt him with a large pack of hounds. We’ll definitely let them rip him to pieces when they catch him.” Corbyn told supporters at a press conference today.


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