And how Labour’s sums add up : Morning Star

A £250 billion National Transformation Fund will be invested over 10 years in infrastructure — transport, energy, universal high-speed internet — as well as on scientific research and housing fit for the 21st century, the Labour manifesto says.

A separate estimated sum of £48.6bn funded by taxation on corporations and very wealthy individuals will be spent on education, health and social care, work and benefits and additional jobs.

National Education Service & Early Years

– Schools: increasing funding, free school meals and arts pupil premium — (£6.3bn).

– Skills: introducing free further education tuition, equalising 16-19 funding and restoring the education maintenance allowance — (£2.5bn).

– Childcare and early years including more money for SureStart — (£5.3bn).

– Removing university tuition fees and restoring maintenance grants — (£11.2bn)

Health & Social Care

– NHS funding including free hospital car parking, but excluding higher pay and capital expenditure — (£5bn).

– Social care — (£2.1bn).

– Restoring nurses’ bursaries — (£0.6bn)

Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

– Funding to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland through the Barnett formula — (£6.1bn).

Work & Pensions

– Scrapping bedroom tax, increasing carers’ allowance, more universal credit funding, PIP benefits, restoring housing benefit for under-21s — (£4bn).

– Doubling paternity pay and paternity leave — (£0.3bn).

– State pensions, including for those affected by changes to state pension age since the 1995 Pensions Act — (£0.3bn).

– Introducing a minimum wage of at least £10 by 2020 with net fiscal benefits ring-fenced for small businesses — (nil).

– Recruiting an extra 10,000 police officers to work on community beats — (£0.3bn).

– Abolishing employment tribunal fees, recruiting more border guards, firefighters and tax staff — (£0.6bn).

Total Cost = £48.6bn

Here’s how Labour will raise the money



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