Outrage as DWP reveals ‘target’ to reject the vast majority of benefit appeals : Daily Mirror.

Campaigners have branded the system “disgraceful” and a “sham” after the policy was slipped out by the government.

The government faces outrage after it was accused of setting a target to turn down the vast majority of benefit appeals.

Critics branded the system a “sham” after the policy was released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The row involves Mandatory Reconsiderations (MRs) – internal reviews people must go through if their claims for welfare are rejected, before they can launch a full appeal.

MRs were already under fire because they are far less likely than full appeals to end in victory.

Now it’s been revealed staff have a performance measure that says 80% of decisions “are to be upheld” – in other words, MRs reject 80% of claims.

They met this ‘Key Performance Indicator’ between April 2016 and March 2017 after rejecting 87% of claims, the DWP statement said.

Following a backlash DWP sources insisted the measure is “not a target” and is used to judge the accuracy of original decisions – not pre-judge MRs.

But critics said it had exposed the “disgraceful” system as a “sham”.

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  1. If we didn’t have the freedom of information act, we would never find these things out. I suppose it’s one of the things that Blair did right.

    I wonder how much skulduggery they got away with before then.

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  2. Three people (read selfish assholes) actually down thumbed this comment.


    The Tories have no soul , its as if they have had the compassion bit of the brain removed. They understand nothing at all about the ‘common person or working man’ May her self thinks living in a vicarage set her up to have an understanding of every day life? Really ? so living in a house with a man who’s job was to promote an invisible ‘sky dwelling’ entity that no one has ever seen gives you that understanding does it ? If you ask me you should all be sectioned !!! Any way back to the subject, Most of this assault on the Ill and disabled were carried out by sociopath IDS, A man so out of touch its untrue and also a compulsive liar.

    This is why we have no chance the people that are making the rules are all fatally flawed, they are people who away from Politics would struggle to do anything meaningful in some cases hold down a job. All Cabinet ministers have little or no understanding of what they are supposed to be ding, look at our previous Chancellor his only mathematical qualification was O level maths and just look what that coke head idiot did!!!

    It boils down to 2 facts Vote Tory and their love of ££££$$$$$ but not mankind. Vote Labour and for a Party with integrity and care.

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  3. What’s he doing wearing a turban ?, he’s not a Sikh.

    What a crawler eh ?. Why not just be yourself ?, instead of trying to make out he’s one of them.

    If the truth be told, and WE KNOW HIS TYPE, he’s such a horrible disingenuous person it wouldn’t surprise me if the threw that turban in the nearest bin as soon as he left the temple.

    Ficken hypocrite.

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  4. Boris is the archetypal conservative look how they treated him. They gave him the illusion he could be PM all the time planning to ease May into the job. They kicked him square in the balls while everyone was watching, and what did he do? bend over so they could get better aim. His reward was another job in government. This is the way these people work, take your medicine without moaning and maybe you will get a little something back.

    They are a bunch of egotistical, sociopathic freaks whose only desire is to get ahead. They judge everyone by their own morals and just don’t care the effect their actions have. They are the perfect group to make realty the plans of those in charge.

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