Guardian journalist Paul Mason calls for a “left” alliance with “free market elite” : World Socialist Web Site

Guardian journalist Paul Mason has stated that the victory of right-wing French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron should be celebrated by every “globalist, leftwing and progressive voter” and must be emulated by a similar movement in Britain.

What are the “progressive” credentials that attract Mason to Macron and make him deserving of replication?

The former Rothschild investment banker served in the first and second Socialist Party (SP) governments of President François Hollande from 2012 as senior adviser and economy and industry minister.

Macron played a critical role in formulating Hollande’s hated austerity economic programme, as well as upholding reactionary labour laws lengthening the work week, and allowing trade unions to work with the bosses to ignore provisions of the Labour Code that protect workers’ rights. The laws were enforced last year in the face of mass protests.

Macron also helped formulate the pro-business Responsibility Pact deregulation package. He was an avid supporter of the authoritarian state of emergency, which has been in place since November 2015—following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

In the presidential election, he ran on a pro-austerity, pro-European Union (EU) ticket—receiving the backing of virtually the entire ruling class. His programme is aimed at reinforcing austerity not only in France, but also throughout Europe and consolidating the EU as a trade and military bloc against its global rivals. His “reform” agenda involves strengthening anti-democratic measures and bringing forward anti-worker labour legislation to be passed by executive degree. He favours the slashing of 120,000 public sector jobs, cutting pensions and reducing state spending.



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