Rights activist faces terror law charge : Morning Star

A HUMAN rights campaigner was charged under the Terrorism Act yesterday for refusing to hand over passwords to his laptop when searched at Heathrow airport.

Muhammad Rabbani, the international director of the advocacy group Cage, was detained at Heathrow on his way back from the Middle East last November.

A Cage spokesman said Mr Rabbani was charged with wilfully obstructing or seeking to frustrate a search, which falls under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The campaign group, which supports survivors of torture across the world, said if Mr Rabbani had handed over his passwords this would have exposed evidence collected from a torture survivor that he did not have permission to share.

Cage said the evidence relates to an international crime which implicates high-ranking officials in a “landmark case that will test the rule of law and justice in the ‘war on terror’.”




  1. What’s written on our laptops is our business, so fuck of Theresa.

    If you want to charge folk with crimes under the terrorism act with trumped up charges, then at least find some real evidence – leave innocent people alone – and ficken get on with it.

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  2. I wonder if this is why I was recently asked at a PIP assessment whether I used Facebook or Twitter. No doubt DWP are busy looking for any signs of anti government posts to brand people as terrorists.

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