The huge contrast in coverage between these Tory & Labour gaffes shows Britain’s ‘free press’ is utterly broken : Evolve Politics

The Conservative Chancellor Phillip Hammond catapulted himself head-first into a car-crash interview this morning on the BBC’s Today program. The Tory Chancellor got key spending figures mixed up and also somehow managed to understate the cost of the HS2 rail project by a whopping £20billion.

However, unlike when Labour’s Home Secretary Diane Abbott had a similar brain melt a few weeks ago over spending figures regarding Labour’s manifesto pledge to put 10,000 extra police officers on our streets, the BBC and the majority of the mainstream media (apart from The Mirror) have, for some reason, decided to completely ignore this colossal mistake from the Tory Chancellor Hammond.

Abbott’s mistake, which came after an entire morning of interviews on a policy that had already been fully costed, was jumped upon by a savage and frenzied mainstream media. The BBC led the charge in a desperate bid to portray Labour as being incompetent on public spending.

However, when the Tories make an even bigger mistake regarding public spending though, well, you know how the story goes by now. The BBC, along with the rest of the Tory press, have decided it’s simply not newsworthy.

Following the gaffe, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell challenged Hammond to a one on one live TV debate. Hammond has yet to accept the challenge (much like his fearless leader Theresa May refuses to debate Corbyn).

McDonnell also claimed that Hammond has fallen out with Theresa May over the gaffe and said that he will “not be around long anyway”.




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