The Snap: it’s May manifesto time – just don’t mention the death tax : The Guardian

Social care changes rattle traditional supporters … Boris Johnson steps foot on campaign trail, puts foot in mouth … and leaders’ debate lacks leaders.

What’s happening?

It’s here: the day when Team Theresa May, the party formerly known as the Conservatives, tells us some actual policies. Hack through the knotweed of strong and stables, and coalitions of chaos, into a clearing where hitherto elusive details of tax and social care and migration might be spotted, along with a beleaguered fox.

What do we know? Having studiously pretended that they just weren’t into the commitment thing, the Tories have at the last moment plighted their troth. We have numbers, some of them with £ signs attached. Elderly people can have £100,000 in assets (up from £23,250) before they’ll be asked to pay for social care, but they will be asked to pay whether in their own home or elsewhere. There’ll be no cap on costs, but a promise that nobody will have to sell their home for care while they’re alive – which translates to a bill once they’re not. Of course, as Labour’s Andy Burnham was not the first or last to point out, this used to be snarled at by some as a “death tax”. But that was back in the days when caps on energy bills were “Marxist” and not official Conservative policy.



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