The Tory manifesto reads like a Dickens novel. Are you really THAT callous to vote for it? : Evolve Politics

Just when you think this seemingly evil harpy of a Prime Minister cannot sink any lower… just when you dare to think, maybe just maybe she’s swung at all the lesser fortunates she possibly can – at least without being physically arrested – Theresa May lowers the bar even further.

The next delightful titbit leaking from the Tory manifesto, like a seeping bag of dog vomit, is this Tory government now plans to literally take food out of the mouths of children. It’s so utterly appalling, it really does defy belief:


Before the Worst

As The Independent reports here, free school meals for all infant school pupils were introduced three years ago, under the coalition government in 2014. However, the Tories under David Cameron were still very much ‘testing the water’ at that point. They still had to at least begrudgingly acknowledge their coalition partners, the Lib Dems, and hadn’t quite got into the full swing of bleeding the country dry at a rate that would make Count Dracula swoon.

And of course, it was also before an extreme wing of the Conservative party forced a coup, virtually lynching democracy. Or before Britain took the decision that getting rid of foreigners was more important than… you know, any of us being able to afford to buy stuff. And fair’s fair, as much as it pains me to say it, comparing David Cameron to Theresa May is like comparing Boba Fett to Emperor Palpatine. (OK, neither of them are good guys, but one simply wants to be a wealthy bounty hunter. The other wants to enslave the entire frickin’ universe.)

Who’d have ever thought we’d miss the slimy ferret guy who reportedly f**ked a dead pig, who opened this veritable can of worms in the first place? I actually do. (Then again, I imagine many Americans are thinking the same of George Bush, when compared to the guy at the helm today.)



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