Tories unleash misery-fest-o : Morning Star

Protesters jeer May as she reveals manifesto targeting pensioners.

by Lamiat Sabin and Peter Lazenby in Halifax and London

MILLIONS of pensioners face a triple whammy of “dementia tax” policies, including paying for their own social care at home, under new proposals outlined in the new Tory manifesto.

Hundreds of protesters delivered a “not welcome here” message to Prime Minister Theresa May as she launched her manifesto yesterday in Halifax, West Yorkshire — which included raising the limit of care costs, downgrading pensions and scrapping universal winter fuel allowance for wealthier pensioners.

She was met with jeers at the former textile mill complex that is now occupied by employees of small businesses — many of whom had been told by bosses to stay home for the day.

The manifesto lays out a number of damaging policies, including scrapping the £72,000 limit for residential or home care costs and getting rid of the triple-lock guarantee.

The triple-lock currently requires state pensions to increase each year by the largest of either 2.5 per cent, inflation or average earnings.

It would be replaced with a double-lock of earnings or inflation from 2020.

And the Tories want pensioners to pay more towards care costs, with the means-tested threshold for free care raised from £23,250 to £100,000 — but enforcing sales of homes or assets worth more than the latter figure when the patient dies.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the plan, which he called a “tax on dementia,” was a “very, very bad idea” because costs spanning a large number of years can be “enormous” compared to the average house price of up to £300,000.




  1. There was quite a good turnout for this protest considering it was arranged at the last minute through facebook. Good on them for turning up and showing those privileged, arrogant Tories, what most of us think of them.

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  2. I was listening to (Leading Britain’s conversation, AKA LBC) in the wee smaw hours.

    And the amount of jarry voiced Tory voters calling in from the Shires saying that Theresa May not rely on my vote was overwhelming.

    They going to take our houses, I’ve worked hard for me house and voted Conservative all me life, and this is the thanks I get.
    Some of them are just not going to vote anyone, and some are going to vote Labour etc.

    Theresa May definitely wants to lose this election…there’s no doubt about that now.

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      1. Some people are cruel…lol

        Julia kisses
        To make matters worse for the very rich elitist snowflakes, my company/laboratory has found a method of producing Gold (Au) from Mercury (Hg), by a very simple process of electron/proton removal, the patent is being approved and the technical publication of proof and process will be published within the next six to twelve months.

        I am so happy for the rich, soon to be poor people, hahaha.

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    1. A comment…

      Duncan Gafney
      So Elizabeth, your up in arms and so irate you would rather burn down your house than pay your own way? No instead, whilst you sit there “well off” (as you clearly are), you would rather that people such as myself, who doesn’t earn lots, who has never been able to afford to but a house, who has a disabled wife and son, should pay more tax to subsidise you and your ilk?

      You will probably say that’s not what you mean, but that would be a denial of reality, if you don’t think you should pay your own way, then the only other option is the tax payer and I am one of those.

      So yes you do believe that the poor should pay more tax, just so that you can leave a large inheritance to your kids.. Yes, you are a typical Tory….

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