TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference urges voters to stand up for the disabled : Morning Star

DISABLED workers launched a 10-point general election statement yesterday and called for a vote against the “continued discrimination and persecution” faced by disabled people.

The TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference opened with a searing attack on the Tory government’s record of cuts, warning that the general election is a matter of life or death for disabled people.

The TUC disabled workers’ committee drew up a 10-point plan to support them, including on the NHS and social care, benefits, education and anti-discrimination legislation.

RMT delegate Janine Booth told the conference: “The TUC is not affiliated to any political party and does not have a political fund. But no doubt trade unionists will vote for policies in line with trade union aims and values.”

“We can tell you what we think about the policies pursued by the three major parties that have been in government at some point over the past 10 years.”

Ms Booth condemned the Tory government for its demonisation of disabled people, who, she said, have been branded “scroungers,” and she highlighted the Labour manifesto commitments to repeal the benefit sanctions regime and scrap the bedroom tax.

The committee also welcomed the commitment by Labour to scrap employment tribunal fees introduced by the Con-Dem government.

Committee chair Sean McGovern told those gathered that “disability discrimination cases have halved since the introduction of tribunal fees,” showing that the charges are denying disabled people access to workplace justice.



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