#DementiaTax – what happens when SURVIVING spouse needs care too? #GE17


tories robbing widowsThe Tories plan to rob surviving spouses and their families (image by @ukdemockery

In spite of the uproar – and the migration of elderly voters to Labour – caused by the Tories’ plans to make older people pay even for care at home out of the value of their house, the Tories have attempted to make the plan out to be ‘fair’ and have focused on the ‘cap’ on care costs – and the claim that people won’t be forced to sell their homes to pay for care.

But this is deeply misleading. It’s not really a ‘cap’, as the contribution to costs has no upper limit, so someone with a house in an expensive area will easily pay hundreds of thousands of pounds before reaching the last £100,000 of the value of their estate. Just a single day per week of home-based care costs – at the moment –…

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  1. Surely, if a house is in joint names, they would only be able to use half the value of the house in their calculations for a persons care?

    Also, a lot of adult children still live with their parents, due to the shortage of affordable housing. Presumably, they will be turfed out on the death of both parents?

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  2. At least this explains the Tories obsession with home ownership and getting on the property ladder. It’s to enable them to steal it from under you, should you become a burden to the state.

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  3. Maggie probably had all this in mind way back when she came to power in 1979.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all thought up then locked up in a glass case way back then for a future prime minister to get on with.

    Whilst Thatcher gets on with persuading all the working class mugs and staunch Tory voters to buy their own homes.


    ”It has emerged that the Tories have already promised their backers the opportunity to sell lucrative insurance contracts to older people that will cover the cost of care but will then force the sale of a property on the death of the insured, to pay for the insurance premium – and that insurers will have the right to seize and sell a property to cover the debt, without worrying about getting the best price for the family.”

    What a nightmare eh ?.

    And do you know the (and there’s many sad parts) saddest part of it all ?.

    Working class people – even after all this – will still run out and vote Tory in their millions. Like those proverbial Lemming’s rushing towards the nearest cliff.

    It’s enough to make any sensible person weep.

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