May insists she’s NOT turning her back on ‘patriotic’ Margaret Thatcher as election looms : Express

THERESA May has insisted she is not turning her back on the trail blazed by her divisive predecessor Margaret Thatcher as she storms towards the General Election.

The Prime Minister, who was a teenager when Margaret Thatcher won her way to Downing Street, was said to be jealous of the nation’s first female Prime Minister for beating her to the title.

And earlier this week she was forced to refute claims she was steering the party towards a new brand of ‘Mayism’, saying her approach to leadership was simply “good, solid Conservatism”.

But Mrs May said her push for centre-right policies is not abandoning the Thatcherite goals of small government and free markets.

Asked if she was turning away from Thatcherism, Mrs May said: “No, I’m not. I was asked that on Thursday and I said: ‘Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative, I’m a Conservative, this is a Conservative manifesto.’

“And that’s the important thing. It’s a manifesto which is based on Conservative values and principles.

“We are the party that believes in low taxation, recognises the importance of the strength of the economy – and that does mean ensuring business is supported.

“But we also recognise that what we want to see is responsible business”.



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