Theresa May ‘did not consult’ on social care plans, senior Government sources claim : The Telegraph

Politicians who will deliver the Conservatives’ new care policy if they win re-election were left in the dark about their manifesto commitments, it can be revealed.

Senior Government sources have told The Sunday Telegraph they were left “completely surprised” by the wide-ranging package of reforms announced this week.

A series of social care policies were due to be put out to consultation this summer, including some of those adopted by the party in its manifesto.

However the changes would have been followed by months of consideration with less political risk if they were dropped or altered after industry feedback.

The failure to consult widely the small group of Number 10 figures who drew up the manifesto is cited in discussions about criticism of some to the measures.

Theresa May is facing a backlash after the surprise announcement that winter fuel payments will only be handed to the poorest pensioners, rather than all as currently, if she is re-elected.

The Conservatives have also pledged to end the pensions triple-lock and scrap plans for a cap on care costs, with savings being put back into the social care system.

One senior Government figure who would help deliver the plans if the Tories win re-election said they were not made aware of the changes before they were announced.



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