Tories don’t know when to stop war on pensioners – now they’ve taken our TV licenses : Mirror

The Tories have pulled the plug on government funding for free TV licenses for the over-75s and the BBC must find the cash.

The Tories just don’t know when to stop in their war on old people.

They hit the winter fuel allowance for 10 million pensioners, then the triple lock on the state pension and cash for social care.

And now it’s the telly, your friend in the living room.

The Tories have pulled government funding for free TV licenses for the over-75s.

From 2020, the BBC must find the money – and there are fears the cash-strapped corporation will probably means-test pensioners.

Bang goes another comfort for people who have worked and contributed all their lives. Four million older people say the TV is their main source of company.

The reason we have a free licenses for the very old is because our state pension is one of the lowest in the developed world – and set to lose value.

And this heartless extension of means-testing is another step back to the 1930’s. It further eats away at the pensioner legacy of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

As Jan Shortt, leader of the National Pensioners’ Convention says: “Older people must be wondering what they’ve done wrong.

“They’re facing calls for the state pension to be cut, their fuel bills to be raised, the cost of care to rise – and now the BBC wants to stop them watching TV. This is clearly a case of Auntie having a go at granny.”



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  1. Freddy aint a dreamer.
    Looks like people are starting to catch on.

    I have concluded that Teresa May does not want to win this election. Why? Because there is a huge pending financial crash coming soon when the “Derivatives Bubble” bursts. The 2008 crash never fully played out. It was simply put on hold by bail outs and near-zero interest rates. This election is a strategic loss for the Conservatives so that they can make sure a Labour government is in power when the crash comes. Then they can use this to push the “Labour is financially irresponsible” narrative that they like to push.

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