BBC store set to CLOSE after just 18 months following dismal download performance : Express

THE BBC is set to be close its download store after just 18 months after failing to hit commercial targets.

BBC Download store halt

The service has been squeezed out the download market by US streaming rivals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which also offer BBC programmes.

The BBC Store, which is operated by the commercial arm of BBC Worldwide, struggled to make a dent in the download-to-own market despite promoting its popular free catch-up service iPlayer.

A BBC source reportedly said: “The download market isn’t what it once was.”

Landmark interviews by Sir David Frost and Dennis Potter teleplays were only made available on the broadcaster’s archives a few weeks ago. The archives will be lost once the download store is stopped.

Reports of the closure comes as BBC director-general Lord Tony Hall is reportedly attempting to slash expenses across the broadcaster.

But it was recently revealed that one in ten BBC employees on salaries of £150,000 or more were given an extra £1,000 for doing exactly the same job as before.

The staff who received extravagant pay increases now earn more than Prime Minister Theresa May, whose work taking Britain out of the European Union only gives her £149,440 per year, according to the Mail.



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