Billboards warn public off voting Tory on June 8 : Morning Star

BILLBOARDS warning of the threat Theresa May poses to public services went up in marginal constituencies across Britain early this morning.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity (PAAA) blasted the Tories for their “manifesto of misery” as the posters in over 40 locations in towns and cities such as Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Manchester.

PAAA national secretary Sam Fairbairn said the group wanted to “expose the lies behind Theresa May’s soundbite rhetoric” — in what he says is “one of the most important elections for generations.”

The group protested at the Tory manifesto launch in Halifax last week and has vowed to continue “pulling together protests, demonstrations and actions” to expose Conservative policies for what they are.

Mr Fairbairn said: “Theresa May has made it blatantly clear her attitude to ordinary people in, what can only be described as, her manifesto of misery.




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