Election diary – ‘The Poundland Thatcher’ wages war on the elderly as Corbyn’s Labour is on the rise : Daily Record

The Tories’ attack on winter fuel payments on old folk has faced backlash and boosted support for Jeremy Corbyn in opinion polls.

Theresa May’s attack on the elderly looked to have backfired yesterday after a poll said Labour have halved the Tories’ lead.

The Survation survey put May only nine points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn . The Tories fell five points to 43 per cent in just a week while Labour were up five to 34 per cent.

The Labour surge came as Tory welfare secretary Damian Green squirmed over his party’s plans to impose a “dementia tax” on old folk and slash winter fuel payments.

The BBC’s Andrew Marr skewered him for subjecting Labour’s manifesto to heavy scrutiny when the Tories’ own document was uncosted.

Work and Pensions Secretary Green insisted the Tories would not relent on their plan to make the elderly pay after death for their social care with the money in their homes.

He added that they wanted to focus winter fuel cash on those most in need.

Then he told old folk they would have to wait until after the election to find out if they will lose out – and if so, by how much.

Devolution will spare Scots pensioners from May’s onslaught, but a growing backlash in England could affect the election result.



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