‘This election could be my last – it will change all our destinies and I’m treating it like my first’ : Mirror

The 94-year-old campaigner fought in the Second World War and says he still wants to defend his country.

There is a good chance this general election will be my last because I am 94 years old.

It’s why I am treating this election like I did my first in 1945 – as an event that can change our destinies.

During that election, held while the embers of the Second World War still smouldered, I was just 22.

But events I had witnessed and endured in childhood as well as in uniform had aged my soul.

The war, along with the Great Depression, taught me and my generation the hard lesson that all of us – no matter our station in life – must defend their country against tyranny if civilisation is to be preserved.

Defence of civilisation comes in many guises but ultimately it comes by being a good and informed citizen who votes in elections.




  1. I hope his last few years aren’t under a Tory government. He has been actively trying to save the NHS, as he remembers what life was like without it.

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  2. Thank god for people like Harry or we’d never had the NHS etc…as opposed to this utter disingenuous prick in the comments page…

    2 days ago
    Harry, this was a great article to read. Impassioned, emotive, and much respected from me – and I mean that.

    But no. Because, well, it’s Corbyn you see. He’s just… well, he’s just cra*.

    Harry, Labour would have my vote if YOU were leader, and I mean that! But as Corbyn can;t take the hint, then labour will get and deserve the beating it will have on the 9th, and drop below 200 seats for the first time in modern political history.

    Sorry Harry. You deserve better than to see what will happen. Thank you for your article though.

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