Tory plans for change to care costs ‘risk being built on shaky foundations’ : The Guardian

Lib Dem minister in David Cameron’s coalition says disparity in how councils use ‘deferred payment’ agreements could lead to a postcode lottery scenario.

Conservative plans for councils to recoup the care costs of elderly people from their estates after they die may flounder due to poor-performing local authorities, a former pensions minister has warned.

Steve Webb, who was a Liberal Democrat minister in the coalition under David Cameron, said there were wide variations in the way councils used existing “deferred payment” agreements.

Under arrangements introduced in 2015, people living in residential care can ask their local authority to meet their care home bills with the money to be recovered from the later sale of the family home.

The Conservatives are now proposing to extend the arrangements to cover thousands of people receiving care in their own homes – with the costs to reclaimed after they die.

Webb, who is now director of policy at the Royal London insurance company, said responses to freedom of information requests to 140 councils in England revealed wide variations in the way they were used.




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