Is Theresa May actually TRYING TO LOSE this election? Is something “weird” going on? HAVE YOUR SAY : Evolve Politics

There’s an old proverb, most widely known from its paraphrasing in the 1995 film, The Usual Suspects:

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

It’s actually based on a saying by the French philosopher, Charles Baudelaire. (But be warned – providing that level of detail might mean not getting invited back to dinner parties.)

In essence, what the philosophy suggests, is the best defence for an immoral/illicit or heinous scheme is denying its very existence. To ridicule the suggestion as ‘fantastical’, ‘far-fetched’, ‘superstitious’ etc. In modern context, the same philosopher would probably argue some of what many deem ‘tin-foil hat conspiracy theories’ could well be true after all. Not-so-secret secrets, hiding in plain sight.

It’s a persuasive and pragmatic philosophy – not ‘loony’ at all. It’s also a technique reflected in military strategies over centuries, documented by writers such as Machiavelli and Sun Tzu: the notion of ‘misdirection’, deceiving the opponent as to the true make-up and whereabouts of an armed force until it is too late. Politics are a war, no mistake. The two entities are not so far apart, and the same principles apply – probably more so the higher up the echelons you go.

It’s fair to say the Western world is in excessive political turmoil at present (certainly beyond anything I’ve seen in my lifetime). No less so than in our Dis-United Kingdom. And there’s no shortage of ‘conspiracy theories’ as to what could actually be going on with this snap General Election.

Let’s look at a couple of the prominent ones.

The ‘problem’, and what doesn’t add up

Sorry readers, whether you want Brexit or not, few could deny it’s turned our country upside f**king down. It’s unleashed pure hatred and nationalism, provided pseudo-moral authority to bigots, alienated us from our closest neighbours in mainland Europe, and put us in the pocket of tyrants far worse than those we apparently despise so much in Brussels. It’s divided families and friends, and cast the future of millions of people into jeopardy. And perhaps worse than anything else, it could well deliver Brits into the hands of an irremovable far-right/one-party Tory state.




  1. I have said this from the off. If you want to win an election, you don’t do it by pissing off your core supporters, and handing victory to the opposition on a plate.

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  2. She must have seen all the evidence – after getting full access – when she turned Prime minister.
    And seen the hopelessness of it all, the massive debt Cameron and Osborne left (that’s why they jumped ship leaving – others – her holding the bag) behind.

    The massive headache with dealing with an impossible – never ending – win you lose anyway type Brexit negotiation.

    One thing left to do, JUMP SHIP, an abandon hope and responsibility all yea who enter here mentality, and let some one else – A patsy – carry the can.

    See what cowards the Tories are ?.

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