Mass rallies for Corbyn can pull the movement leftwards : Socialist Worker

Corbyn drew around 3,500 in Hull on Monday night

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken to tens of thousands of people across Britain during the last week. It’s a sign of the energy behind Labour’s campaign, and how his radical policies are enthusing people.

At a 2,000-strong rally in Birmingham ICC concert arena last Saturday, the queue stretched down the street. Hundreds were turned away at the door because they couldn’t get into one of Labour’s largest rallies of the campaign so far.

Caroline, a Labour supporter at the rally, said she had been convinced to vote Labour because of Corbyn’s leadership. “This is the first time in a long time we’ve got a leader in touch with what ordinary people are thinking,” she told Socialist Worker.

“If he gets in, it will transform the way things are done.”

Corbyn’s speech reflected many supporters’ hopes of how a Labour government could build a better society.

After Birmingham, Corbyn headed north for a whistle-stop tour of Merseyside. He urged Labour members to mobilise support for the party at a thousands-strong rally on the South Parade in West Kirby.

Labour took the Wirral West Constituency from the hated Tory minister Esther McVey in the 2015 general election. But Labour MP Margaret Greenwood has a majority of only 417, which means Labour has to mobilise mass support.

In the evening Corbyn received a rapturous reception from 20,000 people as he filled in as The Libertines’ warm-up act at the Wirral Live festival.

Around 3,500 packed into Hull city centre to hear Corbyn speak on Monday. Many brandished placards that said, “Make June the end of May”.



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