The shocking way right-wing hacks are responding to the Manchester atrocity : Another Angry Voice

The extreme-right always revel and delight in terrorism. Whenever an attack happens they gleefully flock to social media to spread their hateful and divisive ideologies, and bask in the extra publicity they get.

Witless abuse

Some of these people are thick. There’s no other way of putting it. They react to hateful acts against innocent people with hate speech and abuse of innocent people because they don’t have the thinking skills to react in a coherent manner. They see something terrible and they instinct is to lash out. They spew bigoted abuse and call for extremist measures because they don’t know any better.

The three examples cited in this article illustrate the kind of hateful and divisive extreme-right drivel that gets spouted by countless thousands of stupid bigots every time a barbarous act of terrorism is committed.

Right-wing polemicists

This article isn’t about stupid bigots though, it’s about something much more sinister.

Some of these hatemongers are not thick. They’re intelligent enough to know exactly what they are doing. Extreme-right ghouls like Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson always spring into action the moment an act of terrorism happens.

In the wake of the Manchester Arena atrocity a journalist from the right-wing Daily Telegraph called for the introduction of imprisonment without trial and the building of “internment camps” for “suspects”. Another journalist from the even-more-right-wing Daily Mail openly called for a “final solution”.

These people aren’t furious thickos blabbering their vile opinions onto Twitter because they’re too stupid to process terrorist atrocities in a more coherent manner, these right-wing polemicists are deliberately piggybacking on a tragic event in order to promote their dream of the abolition of British values and their replacement with their own extreme-right ideological fanaticism.

Allison Pearson

The Telegraph journalist is called Allison Pearson (you may remember her as the one who called for the Scottish First Minister to be killed just for expressing her political opinion a few months ago). She decided to use the tragedy in Manchester to call for the abolition of the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty so that “suspects” can be rounded up and put into “internment camps”.

The stated aim of Pearson’s wish to abolish the British legal principle that it’s wrong to imprison innocent people is to “protect our children”, but we all know the real reason. Pearson hates and resents the fact that other people are protected by the legal system and can say things that she disagrees with.

She has already expressed her wish to see Nicola Sturgeon killed for expressing political ideas that conflict with Pearson’s own, and now she wants to use this atrocity to give the government carte blanche to indefinitely imprison anyone they don’t like, without having to prove that they’re guilty of any crime first.

Pearson also doesn’t care that the internment camps in Northern Ireland were massively counter-productive, with the injustice of mass imprisonment without trial triggering an immediate upsurge in violence and providing perfect recruitment rhetoric for the terrorist organisations that the half-baked policy was actually intended to disrupt.

Pearson doesn’t give a damn about an effective response to terrorism, she simply doesn’t like living in a liberal democracy with a judicial system and the presumption of innocence. She just really wants to live in a police state where the government can drag people out of their houses and lock them up without presenting any actual evidence that they’re guilty of anything, and the atrocity in Manchester is nothing more to her than a glorious opportunity to piggyback her beloved fantasy of living in an extreme-right police state onto other people’s suffering.

The unspeakable woman

We all know that the unspeakable woman who writes for the Daily Mail and appears on the LBC radio station is a relentless self-publicist who spews extreme-right views because they garner her more and more attention, and because all of this attention does wonders for her earning potential.

Whenever an atrocity happens this vile woman pops up to spew some outrageous comment and then revel in the tide of hate that she’s triggered, laughing at the liberals who generate even more publicity for her by getting upset and spreading links to her work all over social media to condemn whatever outrageous shit she’s deliberately decided to spew this time.

Make no mistake about it. The use of the term “final solution” was no mistake. The unspeakable woman will have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the phrase “final solution” and it’s obvious Nazi connotations before deciding to use it.

She’ll have weighed up the huge tide of free publicity against the risk of her losing her job at LBC, or facing criminal charges for hate speech, and concluded that the publicity tide from calling for a Holocaust of Muslims outweights the potential repercussions.

The unspeakable woman will have concluded that if anyone actually tries to hold her to account for using Nazi language to promote the idea of a genocide of Muslims, she can just play the victim card.

She knows how easily extreme-right people can be lured into self-pitying victim complex mode, so she’s hoping that she can set herself up as the poor innocent martyr of the extreme-right who is being unfairly punished for expressing an opinion.

Whether she actually wants to see a Holocaust of Muslims is actually beside the point. She might actually believe it, or she might have expressed that particular opinion just for the publicity and cash without actually believing in it at all.

The important thing is the intent. She knows that the only possible outcome from using the Nazi term for the Holocaust in such a way was going to be a significant tide of free publicity. If she gets sacked or put on trial for it, all the better, that’s just even more free publicity.

The right-wing press are out of control

A journalist from the Daily Telegraph (a once respected highbrow newspaper of the centre-right) has openly called for the demolition of British values and the establishment of a police state in which the government can imprison anyone without trial just on the suspicion of criminal intent. A journalist from the Daily Mail has gone even further by calling for a Holocaust against Muslims.

These are extremist views that would have only found acceptance on the National Front fringe back in the 1970s, but the right-wing press has degenerated to such an extent these days that these abhorrent fanatical views are becoming more and more mainstream. It’s the influence of right-wing polemicists like Allison Pearson at the once respected Daily Telegraph who are doing the groundwork in shifting these abhorrent, fanatically right-wing, and profoundly anti-British ideas into the political mainstream.

What we can do

  • Write to the Daily Telegraph to complain about Allison Pearson’s increasingly erratic conduct here.
  • Write to LBC (here) and The Daily Mail (here) to complain about the unspeakable woman’s use on Nazi language.
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  1. Both the Sun and the Mail ran stories yesterday, linking Corbyn and McDonnell to the IRA, printing vicious slurs about them, in an effort to stir up hatred. This wasn’t a coincidence, as these stories went online in the early hours of the morning, after the terror attack.

    They have deliberately used the terror attack for political gain and to further their own aims. It has obviously worked too, as the previous day, the comments by their readers, were in favour of Corbyn, as Theresa May tanked in the polls. Now their opinions have changed again, as they can’t possibly support Corbyn as an IRA sympathiser, Theresa May is now the better option because of her hard stance on terrorism.

    Job done, as far as the Sun and Mail are concerned.

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  2. Who knows, maybe the nail bomber was another victim of MK-ULTRA, or a similar more – even more – effective technique mind control technique in order to create another problem, action and we’ll give you a solution..

    You’ve got to ask yourself, would the hierarchy who run this country really be responsible for blowing up innocent children ?.
    Most sane people would say…NO WAY, but we know different, we know they would try any desperate stunt, stoop to any level to achieve their political aims.

    Food for thought, and well worth investigating. I haven’t myself checked the internet (no time at the moment) yet, but pound to a penny there are people out there right now claiming a false flag.

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  3. Trump went to Saudi Arabia and sold them 350 billion dollars worth of arms over 10 years then he went to Israel to talk up a war with Iran now he has gone back to the Vatican to have a meeting with satan.

    The prophecy for the end of days says Saudi Arabia will be the part of the one world army led by the pope that attacks God/Israel from the south. Ask yourself at what point will you start to see.

    You know anyone that knows anything about the big bang theory knows it is based on trust. These scientists often talk about evidence and research but all their evidence is based on theoretical theories they can’t explain themselves. I will give you examples

    There is a massive unknown element in the universe, they can’t find it, their answer? ‘ah we will call that ‘dark matter’, what is it? ‘we have no idea’

    An explosion in physics has a well understood and explained path, a rapid expansion followed by a slowing and then contraction. The problem for them is their ‘big bang’ far from slowing is actually speeding up. Their answer? ‘ah that is down to dark energy’ what’s dark energy? ‘we have no idea’

    They have mapped the travel of celestial bodies and found they are following set patterns, why? ‘ah that’s dark force’ what’s dark force? ‘we have no idea’

    These problems go on and on in their theories and their answer is always to invent a new unknown ‘dark’ reason. So when you understand their ‘evidence’ is it not just their version of faith? or rather satan’s way to subvert questions and a real understanding of God.

    There are real problems afoot in theoretical astrophysics, a group of 32 have banded together against ‘the big bang theory’ They have realised their theory is falling apart and what a new version. Stephen Hawking has reacted very angrily and been very vocal in hating these doubters. He knows if he allows one card to be removed from the tower the whole lot will collapse.

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    1. There hasn’t been just one Universe three point so many.Billion years old like the expanding present one. And believe me it is expanding, there’s no doubt about that.

      The (including this present one) universe expands for Billions of years then reverses and gets smaller for Billions of years, and contracts and contracts and contracts and contracts until it explodes again to create yet another expanding Universe.

      In other words there has been trillions of Universes, who knows maybe even quadrillions, it’s absolutely mind boggling to think about it.

      The Universe – including all those predecessors – is very very old indeed.

      You know the saying…from tiny small acorns, large oak trees grow.


      And for anyone out there who thinks some invisible god made it all, GET THAT NONSENSE OUT OF YOUR HEAD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because we will never get real answers with rubbish thoughts like that.

      There’s a saying…In order to get the correct answer to a problem, and that’s any problem, we have to approach the problem in the correct way.

      The incorrect approach to figuring out the problem always gets the wrong answer, but to start with God or Yahweh or Allah or whatever god (Mithras, Osiris, Odin, Horus, ISIS, Loki, Satan the great Bull, take your ficken pick, there’s thousands of them) it is these idiots worship, by saying he made the world is always going to get the wrong answer simply because it’s all FICKEN BULLSHIT.

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      1. In theoretical astrophysics you have to try and prove your theory in maths and physics. If you do not believe in God then physics and the laws of the universe according to mathematicians is all you have. Your idea is impossible in physics, you can not get continual energy for expansion from a definitive mass, it is impossible in physics, but hey their idea is also impossible based on physics too (that’s why they had to invent ‘dark energy’).

        You miss the point the Universe is not only expanding but is getting faster and faster every day (as found by them). For your theory and theirs to apply to the rules of physics there would have to be a gradual deceleration occurring as soon as the first expansion finished (seconds later) but it’s just getting faster and faster and it has never slowed.

        The inflationary Universe
        ‘According to the theory of inflation, the early Universe expanded exponentially fast for a fraction of a second after the Big Bang. Cosmologists introduced this idea in 1981 to solve several important problems in cosmology.’

        Oh they don’t just say ‘it expands and contracts’ they have to explain some very complex problems for their theory such as

        ‘However, we observe that photons from opposite directions must have communicated somehow, because the cosmic microwave background radiation has almost exactly the same temperature in all directions over the sky.’

        ‘This problem can be solved by the idea that the Universe expanded exponentially for a short time period after the Big Bang. Before this period of inflation, the entire Universe could have been in causal contact and equilibrate to a common temperature. Widely separated regions today were actually very close together in the early Universe, explaining why photons from these regions have (almost exactly) the same temperature.’

        This kind of puts paid to your theory.

        I don’t wish to be facetious or rude but you can not scoff at my beliefs as ficken bullshit when all you have is a faith in your belief of which there is no proof and is even disproved in physics and maths, the only proof is that fed to you by the illuminate. Why do you think they recruited all the top brains in cosmology, biology, maths, physiology. sociology, politics, animal behavior etc etc etc. They need to control our information and our thoughts.

        Did you know Oppenheimer was a visitor to Bohemian Grove? Oh yes and he even came up with his idea for the nuclear bomb there. The Manhattan Project planing meeting took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb. Those attending this meeting included Ernest Lawrence, U.C. Berkeley colleague Robert Oppenheimer, various military officials, the S-1 committee heads such as the presidents of Harvard, Yale and Princeton along with representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric. Oh and the Darwin’s Grandfather and father and he himself were also members of Bohemian group, plus many other movers and shakers in EVERYTHING we have been told about our planet and universe.

        Don’t you find it odd that all these powerful people are going to a secret club to worship satan and then coming up with all these terrifying weapons and theories? These are the people that give you all the ‘evidence’ of how there there is no God whilst worshiping satan and being given amazing ideas, power and money. They made God into father christmas, a bit of a joke for masses whilst worshiping satan.

        We all have to ask ourselves at what point do we realise we have been fucked by their system. When will you personally come to believe, when they split Jerusalem in half? when the violence starts there? when the pope/satan raises his army to go and take over Jerusalem, When God comes down to stop them destroying the world? when they sy he is an alien come to destroy us all?

        My only reason I share these things is in the hope I set you thinking and when you see any of these things happening you will remember my words and realise.

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  4. 22-05-13 Lee Rigby.
    22-03-16 Brussels attack.
    22-07-16 Munich attack.
    22-03-17 London attack.
    22-05-17 Manchester attack.
    22-07-17 ????
    Initial death toll was 22
    The Bomber was aged 22
    The 22nd hour of the day was when the attack happened.


  5. Say no more…nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

    When Christians get cornered, they get angry. Part 1.

    Why would a loving god demand that you sacrifice your son.

    There’s also a part 2, and 3 etc.

    Jesus was born the son of a virgin, but Jesus had an older Brother born to the same mother – apparently his name was James – but it seems HE wasn’t born to a virgin.

    Don’t even bother trying to explain that rubbish to me.

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