Aslef: ‘Use this rare chance to vote for publicly owned railways’ : Morning Star

THE general election offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring Britain’s railways back into public ownership, train drivers heard yesterday.

We Own It campaign group director Cat Hobbs, addressing the Aslef union’s annual conference, highlighted the unique chance to vote for public ownership on June 8.

“It’s great that public ownership is back on the political agenda in a way that hasn’t happened in Britain for a very long time,” she said.

“We started campaigning on the high price of fares, which shows that privatisation hasn’t worked for passengers — on buses or on trains — and people now know that privatisation doesn’t work, but, of course, it keeps happening.

“It makes no sense to hand over profits to shareholders rather than reinvest it in our industries.

“All the evidence, as the Financial Times reported recently, is that privatisation of our public services has not made them more efficient. And surveys now consistently show that people don’t believe that private is better than public.

“Time after time, people say they want to see the mail, like the railway, and other pubic services, run in public ownership.”



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