Government fails to block release of Andrew Lansley diary portions : The Guardian

Court rules in favour of journalist Simon Lewis who made FoI request to see diary passages from period of health reforms.

The government has failed to block the release of sections of former health secretary Andrew Lansley’s diaries in the court of appeal.

Journalist Simon Lewis made a request under the Freedom of Information Act to see passages of Lansley’s ministerial diary from 2010 and 2011, covering the period when controversial health reforms were being drawn up.

He was only given a heavily redacted version, but in 2013 the information commissioner, who oversees the legislation, ruled that the majority of the withheld information should be disclosed.

The government has since been challenging that decision through the information tribunals and the courts; but three appeal judges unanimously ruled on Wednesday in favour of disclosure.

With Whitehall officials in pre-election purdah, which puts strict limits on the decisions they can make, the information is unlikely to be released until after the campaign is over.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said: “We are considering the judgment, and we will make a decision in due course.”




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