Manchester bombing ‘proves why we MUST tap phones’ to stop terror, adviser claims : Express

THE investigation into the Manchester bomber’s networks shows why security authorities need access to communications data, a former UK national security adviser said.

Lord Rickets told Sky News rooting out terror networks was a difficult task, as authorities have thousands of people to monitor.

He said: “What strikes me most of all here is if anybody ever doubted why the authorities need access to communications data, this investigation is showing it.

“There must have been a lot of communication going on between these various people in the network and authorities needed to get to the bottom of the network.

“The poor security authorities, of course, are inundated with material, they are probably following several thousand people at any one time and they are constantly doing an exercise in prioritisation.”

Lord Rickets also defended the security authorities for not apprehending Salman Abedi, who killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert, despite the fact he was on their radar.

He said: “And it looks as if this guy didn’t draw attention to himself, there weren’t enough signals to show that he was one of the highest priorities.

“I think inevitably when something like this happens they’re will be with hindsight some traces, some signals, but with thousands of people to follow the security authorities can’t be on top of all of them.”

Theresa May is set to confront Donald Trump today over a series of US leaks of intelligence about the Manchester bombing investigation.



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