PCS: Civil servants will get behind Labour : Morning Star

PCS union overwhelmingly votes for positive change

PCS has overwhelmingly voted to swing its weight behind Labour at next month’s general election.

At the Civil Service union’s annual conference in Brighton yesterday, delegates endorsed a motion pledging to “offer as much support to Labour Party candidates as is allowable under current NEC policy.”

It is the first time the union, which is not affiliated to any party, will have backed a major election campaign since its creation 19 years ago.

General secretary Mark Serwotka said: “For once we have a real alternative. Jeremy Corbyn offers a completely opposite way forward for Britain.

“Our members must understand that choice, so they don’t get diverted by the nonsense that is Brexit and strong and stable leadership, they ask themselves what is in their interests.

“There’s only one person who can be an alternative to Theresa May as Prime Minister, and that is Jeremy Corbyn.”

Delegates at the conference debated how far the union should go in supporting Labour.

A separate emergency motion proposed by the union’s executive welcomed Labour’s leftward shift under Mr Corbyn and said the election was an opportunity for the union to “step up our campaigning.”




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