Davidson caught out over ‘shameful’ child poverty claim : Welfare Weekly.

Scottish Conservatives leader accused of falsely claiming child poverty has fallen under the Tories.

Ruth Davidson has been caught out after falsely claiming that child poverty has fallen since the Tories were elected in 2010.

The Scottish Tory leader claimed that child poverty has fallen since 2010 – when it has in fact risen across the UK under the Tories, and 1.2 million more children are expected to be pushed into poverty if the Tories are re-elected.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland, Ms Davidson said “child poverty has fallen since 2010, when we came into power.”

Across the UK, relative child poverty after housing costs increased to 30% in 2015/16.

The IFS projects that the number of children in relative poverty will rise by 1.2 million to 5.1 million by 2021-22 due to real-terms cuts in tax credits and work allowances.

In the same interview the Tory leader repeated her false claim that only 4% of migrants to the UK come to Scotland – with the correct figure of 7%, close to Scotland’s population share.

Commenting, SNP candidate for Glasgow East David Linden said: “Struggling families across the country will find it absolutely staggering that Ruth Davidson wants to boast about the Tory record on child poverty.

Read More : Welfare Weekly.


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