Firefighter pens emotional letter detailing ‘guilt, shame and anger’ after being STOPPED from helping Manchester bombing victims : Daily Mirror.

Firefighters were only allowed to deploy 90 minutes after the attack – despite sitting in a station less than a mile from the scene.

firefighter has penned an emotional letter detailing the “guilt, shame and anger” they feel after being prevented from helping victims following the Manchester Arena bombing.

Rank-and-file firefighters are seething at the decisions made by senior management during the deadly attack on Monday evening which left 22 dead and 119 injured.

Crews at Manchester Central – less than a mile from the blast site – were alerted within minutes of the blast.

It was another 90 minutes before any firefighters were deployed, for reasons which currently remain unclear.

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, has ordered a review into what happened and called for people “not to jump to conclusions” in the meantime.

But it is clear firefighters who found themselves watching the horrific events unfold on TV when they could have been helping are furious.

In a letter shared by Save the UK Fire Service one wrote: “I would personally like to apologise to the people of Manchester, the victims and their families because I was part of a service that you depend on and we weren’t there when you needed us….

“We pleaded with our high ranking officers to let us go but that got declined on numerous occasions.”

It went on: “The past few nights I have felt nothing but guilt, feeling ashamed and feeling let down by senior officers who didn’t have the balls to commit us. ”

Read More : Daily Mirror.


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