Guy Debord’s Cat on the Scum and the Heil’s Smear of Corbyn as Supporter of Terrorism

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Yesterday the French philosophical feline, Guy Debord’s Cat, put up a great article rightly condemning the Scum and the Daily Heil for claiming that Jeremy Corbyn is somehow a supporter of terrorism. This follows leaked information that MI5 kept a file on him in the 1980s because he, along with many other members of the Labour party and the Left at the time, advocated talking to the IRA in order to end the cycle of violence in Northern Ireland.

I’ve already posted a couple of pieces about this smear. It also appeared in the Torygraph and the Sunday Torygraph, as well as the Scum and Mail. Buddy Hell describes how the Sun’s editorial column, ‘The Sun Says’ claimed that innocent people were murdered because Corbyn and John McConnell ‘sucked up to the IRA’. Mr Hell states that this was an attempt to make Corbyn appear somehow responsible for…

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  1. That petition that I posted a link to the other day, to have the Sun banned. Turns out a complaint had been made, presumably from the Sun, to say it was defamatory, and had to be taken down. Unfortunately, with someone like Murdoch, who has very deep pockets, it’s impossible to challenge, if you haven’t got the cash to do so.

    Here is another excellent article, describing Corbyn’s role in the Northern Ireland peace process, for which Mandelson to okay the credit.

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  2. The Cat describes the Sun’s attack on Corbyn as what it is: libel. He says

    isn’t journalism or anything like it. It’s a blatant smear; a character assassination that is based entirely upon a historical revisionism. But The Cat has a question: who signed this off? This is evidently libellous and we know Murdoch has pockets that are as deep and as wide as the Pacific Ocean, but did The S*n’s editorial team think it could swerve around the law? Clearly it did and the paper has learned nothing from the Leveson Report.


    CORBY HAS TO BE RUTHLESS. This is his chance.
    And his time starts now. Just before the election.

    A letter from a lawyer to the Sun (leaked – of course – to the Guardian and Mirror, Morning Star etc) demanding the Sun publish a full retraction and a front page apology.
    NOW, not after the election, NOW.

    If not, then it doesn’t matter how deep Murdoch’s pockets are, he’s going to have serious problems to solve very shortly…LIBEL is Libel. and VERY BAD NEWS.


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