Jeremy Corbyn is ‘NOT prime ministerial material’, former Labour frontbencher declares : Express

JEREMY Corbyn’s views on security matters are “simply wrong” and show he is not “prime ministerial material”, a former Labour Home Secretary has declared.

Charle Clarke and Jeremy Corbyn

Charles Clarke rejected the notion that Mr Corbyn should lead the country if the Labour party win the General Election on June 8.

Appearing on Newsnight, the influential former Labour juggernaut said: “I never thought he was prime ministerial material. I didn’t support him as leader of the Labour Party.

“I will be Labour in the election, I hope Labour does well because I don’t think we want a Theresa May Government with a barren field in front of them but I can’t say with integrity that Jeremy Corbyn is prime ministerial material.”

The Islington North MP has angered many of his contemporaries by repeatedly opposing military action against ISIS and openly refusing to use the UK’s nuclear deterrent.



  1. Well, Charles Clarke will have to get used to Corbyn leading the Labour party, and if he becomes PM, he will have to accept that too.

    The right wing Blairites would rather see Labour lose the election than give up their war mongering habits of the past.

    If Corbyn becomes PM, he needs to have a good clearout of all these old dinosaurs.

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  2. The problem is there’s far to many of them – some just winning their seats – on the back of Corbyn’s popularity, a clearout could lead to re-elections and other problems, which could effect the overall number of possible Labour MPs.

    Corbyn is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

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