STUNNING new poll shows Labour are now just 5 POINTS BEHIND the Tories : Evolve Politics

The new YouGov poll has been released and it shows Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party are now just FIVE points behind the Conservatives.

This remarkable turnaround has seen the party gain 14 polling points in the last three weeks alone – an absolutely remarkable feat from the supposedly embattled Labour leader.

Labour have also benefited from Theresa May’s dramatic slump in popularity – with the Conservative party’s poll ratings on an unstoppable descent after looking seemingly unbeatable just 3 weeks ago.

This poll will also be an monumental kick in the teeth for the Labour right-wing who, along with the Conservatives, believed that Corbyn was simply too left wing for a British electorate.

However, after the release of an extremely popular manifesto, full of progressive policies, Labour’s poll numbers have skyrocketed in recent weeks.

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto policies went down extremely positively with the public, Theresa May has been forced to backtrack on at least two of her manifesto promises already – an unprecedented situation for any political party.

Another interesting factor in this latest YouGov poll is a surge in support for the Lib Dems who now find themselves in double figures on 10 after their resurgence looked to be faltering.




  1. I don’t set much store by opinion polls, and I think that the Tories initial lead, was artificially inflated, to give them a head start.

    I have never, ever, been asked my opinion for political polls, and neither has anyone I know.

    I actually believe, that Labour were doing much better at the beginning than they would have us believe. Polls only exist to manipulate public opinion, but they don’t seem to work as in previous years. Perhaps people are finally waking up.

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