Benefits chiefs ‘have blood on their hands’ say family after mother-of-nine, 42, takes her own life following her payouts being stopped : Daily Mail.

  • Jodey Whiting from County Durham, received benefits for varying health issues
  • She missed a health review after not seeing her appointment letter
  • This led to her Employment Support Allowance being cut and she died days later
  • Her family are demanding an apology and blame the DWP for ‘triggering’ her death 

A mother has said the Department of Work and Pensions have ‘blood on their hands’ after her daughter took her own life when her payouts were stopped.

Jodey Whiting, 42, received a disability allowance for varying mental and physical health problems she suffered during her life, including a brain cyst and a curved spine.

But when the mother-of-nine from Stockton, County Durham, missed a health review after not seeing an appointment letter, her payments were stopped.

She was found dead days later next to a suicide note.

Now her mother, Joy Dove, has blamed the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for her death and is demanding an apology.

Teesside Coroner’s Court heard Ms Whiting, a shop assistant, was forced to retire young due to the chronic pain from her illnesses, which left her taking 23 tablets a day – including morphine.

Ms Whiting regularly went to her GP’s surgery in the months before her death and event went to hospital.

Yet despite battling back problems since birth, the DWP ended her claims for Employment Support Allowance after she missed the appointment.

During the inquest, her family broke down in tears as they angrily accused the DWP’s actions of being the ‘trigger’ for Ms Whiting to take a fatal drug cocktail.

The court heard she had overdosed before but the ‘extreme stress’ inflicted by the DWP pushed Ms Whiting over the edge.

Heartbroken Ms Dove, 63, said: ‘This was the last straw – she didn’t know where to go.

‘I blame the DWP for her death. The DWP has blood on their hands over my Jodey.’



  1. I can’t believe how callous the Mail readers can be. The following comment requesting an investigation into the DWP has been red-arrowed by nearly 5,000 people.

    Mr Know it all., Telford., United Kingdom, about 21 hours ago

    We urgently need an independent all party investigation into what’s going on at the DWP. People are dying and this is not an acceptable outcome. Someone needs to be held to account and face the consequences of their actions, preferably sooner than later.

    So that’s 5,000 readers who don’t want to know about why the DWP are allowing people to die! I despair of people’s morals, I really do.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sput, Utopia, Netherlands, about 21 hours ago

    Oh no, how terrible. Poor family. An aside : I recently watched the film ‘I Daniel Blake’. It was an eye-opener.


    2523 Daily mail – red arrow – idiots didn’t like that comment either.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Makes me wonder how many of those red arrows came from a bought and paid for troll farm? Remember David Cameron buying Facebook fans?
    As for morals, increasingly these days having morals is seen as a sign of weakness. What a sad world…


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