Sexist Tory councillor busted parking posh Mercedes in disabled bay : Daily Record.

James Fullarton’s colleague David Paterson slammed him as “pig ignorant and arrogant.”

A TORY councillor has been condemned for parking his gleaming £34,000 Mercedes in a disabled space.

James Fullarton’s colleague David Paterson said: “It was pig ignorant
and arrogant.”

It’s the latest controversy to hit wealthy farmer Fullarton, who was slammed in 2014 for sexist comments at an independence debate.

He mocked opponents by saying the “Yes we can” slogan “sounds better than a woman closing her legs and saying no”. He also referred to SNP MSP Joan McAlpine as “honey”.

Paterson clashed with Fullarton over his parking on Thursday as he arrived for a meeting at Scottish Borders Council HQ in Newtown St Boswells. He said: “Jim was parked in the disabled bay with his door open. That stopped me being able to park next to him.

“I waited five minutes for him to shut his door. Then when I parked he said, “You shouldn’t be parking there” because it was the deputy leader’s space. But there’s no deputy leader.

“I pointed to the disabled space and said, “You shouldn’t be parking there”, but he just shrugged and walked off.”

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  1. What a complete arse! I can tell just by looking at him, that he’s a cocky git. I imagine he’s completely henpecked by his wife at home. I’ve come across many like him over the years. They have no authority in their own homes, but act like the big “I am” at work.

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  2. If he did that up in Glasgow the customers would shout…HEY, GET TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE YA FICKEN BAM YiE.

    Cameron replies…Do you know who I am ?.

    The reply…Who cares who you are, but we”ll know who you ficken WERE if you don’t get to the end of the queue.

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