The data shows that terrorism ALWAYS INCREASES under the Tories. They are the true threat to national security. : Evolve Politics

The Tories, amplified by their loyal minions in the mainstream media, have spent much of their General Election campaign smearing Jeremy Corbyn as a “national security threat” or a “terrorist sympathiser”. There is, of course, no credible data with which to make this particular assumption.

In fact, when we do take data into account, it actually seems the exact opposite is true.

Statistics from the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) shows that terrorism always rises under the Tories and drops under Labour — a historical trend evidenced since 1970 (when statistics on terrorism first began being properly recorded).

Furthermore, Corbyn himself played a key role in bringing about peace in Ireland, and has also actively opposed all of the West’s disastrous and illegal wars across the Middle East. Wars which even the former head of MI5 said were a large contributing factor in the rise of terrorism throughout the West.

The fact that Theresa May and the Tories claim that Corbyn is a threat to national security becomes all the more shocking when you consider that in the short time May has been Prime Minister we’ve already had two major ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks.

It is commonly understood within the highest levels of government that the West helps fuel these terrorist attacks by endlessly supporting brutal Islamic regimes. Regimes such as Saudi Arabia who, as reported in a leaked memo, are alleged to have directly funded ISIS itself. In turn, the British government has sold the Saudi regime billions of pounds worth of weapons that have been used against civilians in Yemen.

Oxfam estimates that 7 million people are on the brink of starvation in the country, whilst thousands of innocent civilians have already been killed during the conflict.



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