Fresh ‘cover-up’ evidence found in contaminated blood scandal : Express

NEW evidence of a cover-up in the contaminated blood scandal has been discovered as pressure mounts on the Government to launch an inquiry.

Jason Evans, whose father died after being given HIV, has a document that shows the Government had “conclusive evidence” that Aids was in blood products from April 1984.

But the Department of Health memo shows the Government did not acknowledge this until December 20, 1984.

Mr Evans’s father, who had haemophilia, was infected with HIV through blood products during the delay. He died of an Aids-related illness aged 31.

When health minister Nicola Blackwood was asked for the memo by Labour MP Diana Johnson she said it could not be found.

But Mr Evans unearthed it in the National Archives. Mr Evans, who is now suing the Government for negligence and breach of statutory duty, described the document as “damning”.

He said: “Diana Johnson asked the minister of health for this document last month and the answer was that it had been destroyed – but alas I have found it.

It was buried in the National Archives among thousands of other documents. “I can see why it might have done the Department of Health a favour had it been destroyed.”



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