‘The majority agree with me’ Paul Nuttall claims he would carry out state executions : Express

PAUL Nuttall has called for the return of the death penalty – and even said he would personally carry out the executions himself.

Paul Nuttall and Ian Brady

The Ukip leader said he backed the death penalty for terrorists and child killers.

He added that he backed a referendum on the issue, and claimed it would see the return of the controversial policy which was scrapped in 1965.

Talking to the Daily Mail, he said: “I would like to see the death penalty for terrorists and child killers.”

When quizzed if he would carry out the executions himself, he said “yes”.

Talking about the jihadis who killed solider Lee Rigby and about Moors murderer Ian Brady, the Ukip leader said: “For people who kill a [British] soldier and harm children, I would not have a problem doing it.

“I believe in capital punishment for treason. Opinion polls show the vast majority of people agree with me.”

Mr Nuttall emphasised that the controversial view was personal as opposed to official Ukip party policy.

He added: “If enough people called for a referendum on this we would be only too happy to give them one.”

Mr Nuttall is running for election in the constituency of Boston and Skegness in the June 8 General Election.




  1. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

    What does he propose to do after he’s executed someone and they subsequently have their convictions overturned?

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  2. Far to many innocent people have been sentenced to life for murder etc, and after years go by the twits that put him in prison find out that he was an innocent man all along.

    The death sentence is hopeless, you just can’t trust the powers that be…to get it right.

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