Two brothers arrested as police say they have crippled Manchester bomber’s criminal network : Daily Record

Yahya Werfalli and his brother Mohamed were led screaming from a house in Manchester after a police raid in connection with Monday’s atrocity.

Britain’s terror threat level was lowered yesterday as police said they had crippled the Manchester bomber’s criminal network.

But the country stayed on high alert with troops remaining on the streets, armed police guarding beaches and a major security operation at the Scottish Cup final.

The official rating was downgraded from Critical to Severe – meaning an attack is judged to be “highly likely” rather than “imminent”.

The move followed a day of drama in Manchester as police used a controlled explosion to enter a house in the north of the city and arrest two men suspected of being part of bomber Salman Abedi’s terror network.

Yahya Werfalli, 22, and his brother Mohamed, 20, were led screaming from a semi-detached house in Cheetham Hill.

The Libyans are said to have been close pals with Abdul Wahab Hafidah – the teenager whose alleged gangland killing last year was said to have sparked Abedi’s extremism.

Just hours after that raid, police cordoned off a chunk of Moss Side, south Manchester, near where Abedi lived. Houses were evacuated and a bomb disposal unit sent to the scene.



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