Being a teacher ‘too big an ask’ thanks to Tories : Morning Star

TEACHERS are flooding out of Britain’s schools because of overwork, bureaucracy, excessive hours and government interference, researchers warned yesterday.

Rebecca Allen, director of Datalab, the research arm of not-for-profit schools research firm FFT Education, told a general election briefing that the job of being a teacher was simply “too big an ask.”

Teaching is now “incredibly difficult,” bogged down with paperwork and accountability tasks that are leaving the profession “exhausted,” she said, calling for action to stop the mass exodus.

“It’s something that is essentially a performance job and I think as a profession they’re exhausted,” she said. “I think they’re exhausted not just by the day-to-day job of delivering lessons, but more importantly everything else that they’re expected to do.

“When you look at surveys of the profession that say what proportion of people are thinking about leaving, the numbers are staggeringly high.”



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