‘Join Hands with Theresa’ – The pop jingle urging Indians to vote Tory : The Telegraph

Conservative Friends of India have launched a video today with a song in Hindi celebrating Theresa May.

The song urges voters to “join hands” with the Prime Minister and elect a “strong stable” Government.

Mrs May will “take us forward together” and deliver “prosperity”, the song says.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with British Prime Minister Theresa May

The co-chairmen of CF India, businessman Ranjit Singh Baxi and former Justice Minister Shailesh Vara, said: “There are 1.6 million British Indians in the U.K. and in many marginal seats they will determine who gets elected to Parliament. This will have a direct effect on the balance of seats in the Commons after the election.

“Given the importance of social media, we very much hope that this short video will reach many British Indians and help persuade them to vote for Theresa  May and the  Conservatives on 8th June.”

Here is the full text of the Hindi song translated into English:



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