Nicola Sturgeon: SNP would do coalition deal with Labour : i News

The SNP will try to form a coalition government with Labour in the event of a hung parliament following next month’s general election, Nicola Sturgeon has said. The Scottish First Minister confirmed that her party would be happy to form a “progressive alliance” at Westminster, potentially locking Theresa May out of Downing Street.

Ms Sturgeon raised the prospect of doing a deal with Jeremy Corbyn after a series of opinion polls showed Labour closing the gap on the Conservatives as the campaign enters its final stages.

“If there was to be a hung parliament, of course we would look to be part of a progressive alliance that pursued progressive policies,” she told the BBC’s Andrew Neil in an interview on Sunday evening. Responding to her comments, the Tories described the prospect of a Labour administration propped up by the SNP as a “coalition of chaos”, in an echo of 2015’s campaign. Ms Sturgeon said she regarded a hung parliament as unlikely despite the narrowing polls, claiming that Mr Corbyn was not “credible as an alternative Prime Minister” to Mrs May. “Let’s get back to the reality of this election. The reality of this election, even with the narrowing of the polls, is that we’re going to face a Tory government perhaps with a bigger majority,” she said. “So my priority in this election is to say to the people of Scotland: ‘If you want Scotland’s interests to be protected and our voice heard, you’ve got to vote SNP’.”



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