UCU leader: our choice is disaster, or a better world : Morning Star

Sally Hunt calls on lecturers to back Corbyn.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt warned yesterday that the Tories have been “an unmitigated disaster” and urged everyone to grab the opportunity to “vote for a different world.”

She told delegates how government policies had damaged higher and further education and lashed out at Tory attempts to make “immigrants and refugees scapegoats for their own failings.”

UCU Congress opened with a minute’s silence in remembrance of the Manchester Arena bombing last week.

Ms Hunt said: “Our hearts are breaking at the dreadful events last week, not least as it emerges that among the many innocent victims were students at our universities and colleges.”

She paid tribute to “incredible emergency service workers who ran towards danger to save lives” and said the union would respond by continuing to champion “knowledge, truth, tolerance and diversity.”

The union’s general secretary was re-elected to the post four months ago and told delegates that she wanted to “deliver an independent, effective union, strong industrially, strong politically, capable of making its own choices.”

And with just over a week until the election she said “it is worth reflecting on what an unmitigated disaster [the Tories] have been for our people.

“They have tripled tuition fees. They’ve halved the adult education budget. They’ve decimated funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages and opened the floodgates for the privatisation of our universities and colleges.”




  1. Some time in the future we’ll look back – at least our children and children’s children will look back – and say…WHY ?, WHAT POSSESSED THEM ?, WHY DID THEY VOTE FOR THEM ?.

    Along with a new blockbusting documentary. THE TORIES…A WARNING FROM HISTORY.

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