#BattleForNumber10: May v Corbyn

Streamed live 10 hours ago

#BattleForNumber10: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are facing a live studio audience ahead of the General Election.

The Conservative leader and the Labour leader will each face an audience Q&A hosted by Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam. They will each then be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman.


  1. In the Blue corner : Fighting out of the Maidenhead stable…Theresaaaaaaaaa the Vicars Daughter, blowhard Maaaaay.

    In the Red corner : From Islington, North West London, getting on a bit in years though, but still a formidable force, Jeeeeeeeremy – the hitman – Corbynator.

    And there’s the bell and they come out swinging, this fight is refereed by Jeremy – the no nonsense – ruthless cnut Paxman.

    The Corbynator accidentally stands on an empty blown up crisp bag…BOOOOOM, and the Vicars daughter looks unsure, looks perturbed, looks frightened even, she’s running back to her corner now…asking her manager Lynton Crosby if he could please save her and throw in the towel, or at least if the fight could be postponed for a while, whilst she gathers her nerves….lol

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