STOP PRESS: Star’s election special edition : Morning Star

IT WAS probably George Osborne’s appointment as Evening Standard editor that did it — the concept of London’s most widely read free sheet being edited by one of the most destructive Conservative chancellors in history.

Readers of the Morning Star are well aware that a press owned and controlled by a handful of billionaires is not, as it likes to imagine, an objective watchdog of our liberties, holding power to account, but more often a shrill blast of Establishment propaganda.

The overwhelming Tory bias of the press is familiar from past elections, but the vicious invective directed at Jeremy Corbyn is in a different league.

So, as the only daily to support Corbyn and his programme, we’re pulling out all the stops to get the Morning Star to a wider than usual audience — with a special election edition being distributed for free through supermarkets up and down the land.

What began as a “what if?” thrown out by industrial reporter Conrad Landin at a newsroom meeting soon turned into one of our most exciting projects in years.

Circulation manager Bernadette Keaveney got onto the trade and came back with figures showing that a week-long free distribution of a Morning Star special was within our grasp. Meanwhile, assistant editor Ros Sitwell began pulling together the content and interview ideas flooded in from staff and friends.




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